Our Agenda of Sustainability

Wasco Energy's agenda of Sustainability mandates that we grow our businesses in a profitable and ethical manner, while simultaneously creating safe, healthy and progressive communities as well as a cleaner environment. In line with this mandate, we are obliged to balance out our economic ambitions with our societal and environmental obligations.

As we commit to playing a leadership role in the markets we operate in by ensuring robust financial and operational performance as well as the delivery of innovative, world-class services and products, we are also keen to lead by example in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

Our Sustainability Development Policy

At Wasco, we endeavour to develop and manage a profitable, world class, integrated energy group. By integrating economic, social and environmental elements into the core of our business processes, we are steadfastly creating value that goes beyond the boundaries of business.

As we set our sights on continuously growing in a sustainable manner for the benefit of our shareholders, the communities that we serve, the environment and our other stakeholders, we are guided by our three pillars of sustainability:

Economic Pillar

  • To ensure high quality products and services and adopt practices related to customer satisfaction
  • To enhance energy security by promoting cleaner and efficient energy sources including alternate energy
  • To align our business relationships in fair, transparent and ethical manner

Community / People Pillar

  • To address the concerns of communities by enriching communities and elevating lives
  • To generate awareness of sustainability issues amongst stakeholders
  • To encourage employees to implement and promote sustainability initiatives
  • To acquire, develop and nurture talent
  • To minimise the safety and health impact of our products and services

Environmental Pillar

  • To optimise the use of natural resources through material substitution, recycling and reuse
  • To adopt eco-friendly and cleaner technology for our business operations
  • To focus on improving energy efficiency, water conservation, biodiversity conservation and waste management across all our operations
  • To actively engage in mitigation of greenhouse gasses (GHG)
  • To care for the environment through conservation initiatives
  • To emphasis the use of eco-friendly products and services

Our Sustainability Initiatives

Our commitment to upholding the agenda of Sustainability, is underscored by specific initiatives that are making a tangible impact on our operations and diverse stakeholders.

The Wasco Carbon Footprint Project

As a socially responsible organisation committed to sustainable business practices, Wasco, in 2011 embarked on a project to estimate its GHG emissions and see how it could better manage the impact of these emission on the environment. An environmental impact consultancy was appointed to compile an accurate and verifiable inventory of the Group's GHG emissions in accordance with the ISO 14064 - 1 protocol and GHG protocol. For the period 1 January 2012 to 31 December 2012, the operations at WASCO group resulted in 36,923 tonnes of CO2 equivalent emissions.

Since the project, Wasco has been working on developing a comprehensive data management system for collecting and organising data related to emission sources under its control so as to improve the accuracy of its emissions inventory. At the same time, we are engaging with partners, such as our contractors, to prepare for the measurement of their GHG emissions in order to understand the emissions from our overall supply chain.

To date, Wasco has successfully attained Carbon Footprint Certification or ISO 14 0641 which specifies the principles and requirements at the organisational level for quantification and reporting of GHG emissions and removals. We take pride in the fact that we are an early adopter of the ISO 14 0641 certification.

You can download a copy of our Wasco's ISO14064-1 here

Corporate Social Responsibility Efforts

Being a socially responsible corporate citizen is high on Wasco's agenda. In fact, it is clearly identified as one of our seven core values. As a caring and responsible organisation, we are constantly endeavouring to make positive and impactful contributions to society.

Via our ultimate holding company and trustee fund Yayasan Wah Seong, we give back to the society in a big way by granting tertiary education scholarships to deserving but financially challenged families. To date, more than 56 scholars have benefited from The Yayasan Wah Seong Scholarship Awards initiative since 2008. This number will continue to grow as we remain committed to promoting education as an important platform for achieving a progressive society.

We also continue to actively run the Wasco Energy Graduate Development Programme (GDP) which was established in 2010. The GDP provides opportunities to young graduates in the countries we operate to be part of our growing global organisation.

Wasco is a strong supporter of feeding the homeless initiatives and we regularly send volunteers to help with local charity projects like the Kechara Soup Kitchen. Apart from this regular initiative, WASCO-ians are constantly volunteering their time and effort for other CSR initiatives that include everything from beach cleaning projects to painting homes to providing financial aid to orphanages