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Whether you are Pipeline Operator or Industry Service Provider, Wasco can provide experienced personnel to lead and manage your Subsea and Pipelines projects from initial concept development through to execution and close-out. With extensive understanding of industry codes and standards, our Project Management Team shall ensure that all projects are delivered efficiently and safely in accordance with the specific requirements of our Clients.

With Proven technical and commercial capabilities, whether in a management or assurance capacity, Clients can be assured that all of the project development cycle shall be supported effectively from development and selection of concept solutions to management of design and execution activities.

From development of specifications and procedures, to package management and product delivery on behalf of Clients, Wasco's knowledge of best in class Quality Assurance Processes provides worry free delivery of project equipment for offshore execution. Additionally, our highly-skilled technical support personnel will be available on site to support the offshore execution stage of the project including vessel review and assurance, procedure review and development and offshore site representation.

Whatever your management requirements for Subsea and Pipelines related projects, Wasco Project Management Services offers proven support functions in all areas to suit your project needs.

From installation of pipelines and equipment, to inspection, maintenance and repair of offshore assets, Wasco provides extensive knowledge and expertise in Subsea Construction and IMR to facilitate the needs of our Clients.

With capabilities ranging from review and development of IMR and construction specifications, through to technology assurance and management of onshore and offshore execution activities, Wasco's team of Subsea and Pipelines Specialist provide the necessary support to our clients for effective and efficient management of IMR and Construction related activities.

Whether technical assurance or full management support is required during the onshore or offshore phase of the work, Wasco is available to accommodate the requirements of our Clients to provide a best in class service.

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With the ageing of pipeline assets accross the globe, effective pipeline pigging, cleaning and inspection is critical towards the life extension of subsea pipeline assets. Wasco's team of pipeline pigging specialists provide services ranging from initial tool review and selection, to operational procedure development and execution management to ensure effective pigging operations, every time.

With extensive knowledge of effective pigging and inspection technologies available on the market, Wasco provides our clients with the most effective solutions, tailored specifically to the potential limitations of the pipelines.

Concerned about the integrity of one of yoursubsea pipelines or assets? Wasco's team of Subsea & Pipelines Specialist are available for immediate mobilization to review the integrity of your subsea assets, providing failure assessment and risk management solutions to mitigate the threat of premature failure. With extensive knowledgeand experience of historical subsea failures, Wasco can provide support during identification and implementation of preventive measures, including development of rectification and replair measures if failure has already occurred.

The Subsea & Pipeline Unplanned Repair Initiative (SPUR), developed by Wasco, aims to provide fast track repair capabilities to Pipeline Operators for unplanned subsea and pipeline failures. The initiative having undergone detailed development over a period of 2+ years, brings together the proven philosophies of cost sharing and cross utilization of assets, providing efficient and cost effectivesolutions for tackling unplanned failures across the globe. Initially implemented within Malaysia, the initiative facilitates a coolaboration between regional Pipeline Operators and Industry Service Providers to improve the preparedness and efficiency of unplanned repair execution.