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Our Pipe Coating Division, a leader in pipe coating solutions for the oil and gas industry, manages one of the world's most advanced, fully-integrated, coating facilities. Strategically located in Kuantan, Malaysia, this facility lies adjacent to major shipping routes in the South China Sea.

In 2013, Wasco commissioned a state-of-the-art concrete weight coating facility in Mo i Rana, Norway to service the European market, particularly the areas around the North Sea, Norwegian Sea and the Barents Sea. Situated within the port area at Mo i Rana, this capacity impingement type concrete coating plant is designed to operate in the tough climatic conditions near the Arctic Circle.

Wasco's facility in New Iberia in the State of Louisiana, the United States by way of a joint venture (JV) between Wasco and Aegion Corporation. The Bayou Wasco Insulation Technologies LLC or BWI facility provides offshore insulation services to customers in the United States, the Gulf of Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. This JV combines Wasco's expertise in the deepwater insulation market, with the operational, sales and logistics capabilities of The Bayou Companies LLC, a subsidiary of Aegion Corp.

From these facilities and Wasco's other coating plants in China, Wasco is able to efficiently and economically deliver coated pipes to clients.

Our comprehensive pipe coating offerings include anti-corrosion coatings, flow assurance coatings, concrete weight coatings and cathodic protection anodes. Time and time again, our solutions have proven their worth, protecting pipelines in any operating environment, no matter how extreme.


Fusion Bonded
Epoxy (FBE)

FBE is a powder coating well suited for application on water, oil and gas pipelines of all diameters. Used for pipelines with service temperatures of up to 100°C in dry conditions and a maximum of 80°C when wet.

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3 Layer Polyethylene
Coating (3LPE)

3 layer polyethylene coating provides excellent corrosion protection. It uses a fusion bonded epoxy primer coupled with the mechanical protection afforded by high density polyethylene.

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3 Layer Polypropylene
Coating (3LPP)

3 layer polypropylene coating provides excellent corrosion protection. It uses a fusion bonded epoxy primer coupled with the mechanical protection afforded by high density polyethylene.

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Multi-Layer Fusion
Bonded Epoxy Coating

In order to achieve enhanced performance under severe conditions, conventional FBE coating can be supplemented using a dual powder system.

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Asphalt Enamel

Asphalt Enamel pipeline coatings are suitable for oil, gas and water pipelines of all diameters and for operating temperatures up to 90°C.

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Concrete Weight

Concrete weight coating is designed to provide negative buoyancy for offshore pipelines. Density can be varied to provide the appropriate level of buoyancy control. Reinforcement cages are used and various coating thickness can be achieved.

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The Vibrodens® slip form process produces concrete weight coatings with more consistent and uniform coating thickness, consistent reinforcement placement, a perfect moisture barrier, no damage to corrosion coatings, and compressive strength that meets the most rigid requirements.

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Syntactic polyurethane materials are used as thermal insulation for offshore pipelines. The product is customized to take into account specific project requirements, such as water depth and thermal requirements.

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Multi-layer polypropylene (solid, foam and syntactic) flow assurance coating insulation systems are used for thermal management of flow-lines for offshore applications. Insulation can take the form of solid, foamed or syntactic polypropylene, as well as multi-layer combinations of these three materials designed specifically for each project.

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Flow efficiency coatings are thin film liquid epoxies generally applied to the inside of water and gas transmission pipelines to improve flow. We offer specialized products which are suitable for the transportation of water and other liquids.

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Wasco has a wealth of experience and expertise in the transportation of line pipes to and from its various coating plants, thereby providing clients with the most cost efficient and optimized logistics solutions.

Kuantan Port, one of the world's leading ports for the import of bare line pipes and re-export of coated line pipes, handles hundreds of thousands of tonnes of line pipes per annum. The ports facilities include a total of 725 meters of multi-purpose berthing for the handling of line pipes which can accommodate vessels of up to 45,000 displacement tonnes.

Berths Length (Meters) Draught (Meters) D.W.T Max Disp. Tonnes
Berth No. 1 200 11.2 35,000 45,000
Berth No. 2 175 11.2 35,000 45,000
Berth No. 3 175 11.2 35,000 45,000
Berth No. 4 175 11.2 35,000 45,000
Berth No. 6 120 8.0 12,000 18,000

Wasco Corrosion Services is a leading, regional manufacturer of offshore anodes and has built its reputation upon the provision of innovative corrosion control solutions to its clients.

Wasco anodes are cast in low-iron, high-purity, high efficiency aluminum alloys, and can be manufactured in a wide variety of bracelet anode configurations.

Wasco's anode foundry is the first in Asia Pacific to qualify for Shell's stringent DEP standard for the manufacture of cold water anodes for deepwater projects.

Wasco offers custom coating services for its entire range of coating systems. These include custom coatings for bends, fittings, fabricated spools, valves, manifolds, short runs of straight pipe, and other components for both onshore and offshore projects.

We also have the capability to undertake thermal spray aluminum (TSA) coatings and our expertise encompasses field applications and semi-automated plant applications. We also employ a Mobile TSA Unit (MOTSU) which is designed for high capacity, on-site, coating of line pipes, production risers and drilling risers.

To date, Wasco has qualified for the Shell DEP standard relating to thermal spray coatings for aluminum and 85/15 zinc/aluminum alloy structures.

Wasco subsidiary, Turn Key Pipeline Services (TKPS), designs, fabricates, supplies and installs equipment that handles and coats the steel pipes utilised in the oil, gas and water industries. TKPS leverages on its expertise to deliver turnkey solutions for new coating facilities as well as to upgrade equipment to enhance existing production processes.

TKPS has the expertise to undertake most of the established techniques for coating pipelines including:

  • Pipe handling and transportation
  • Internal blast cleaning and coating
  • Hot enamel coating and wrapping
  • Fusion bonded epoxy coating
  • Three layer polypropylene / polyethylene coating
  • Concrete weight coating
  • External anti-corrosion coating