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Business We Do

From its 12-hectare waterfront fabrication base in Batam, Indonesia, Wasco Engineering Batam undertakes project management, detail engineering, procurement and fabrication services for oil and gas players. Specialising in e-houses, electric sub-stations and process equipment integrator modules, it caters for both offshore (FPSO) and onshore applications, particularly for LNG plants in Australia that uphold stringent international standards.

Wasco Engineering also maintains and operates an effective documented Quality Management System (QMS) which meets requirements and recommendations of ISO 9001:2008. The QMS is also certified by BSI through periodical quality audits.The Batam yard is a certified ASME workshop for manufacturing pressure vessels and is authorised to use the U, U2 and S ASME stamps. Wasco Engineering Batam is also a member of TRACE, the internationally recognised organisation that works with companies to raise anti-bribery compliance standards.

Engineering, Procurement and Commissioning
  1. FPSO Topside Modules
  2. Our Batam yard performs a great deal of work for the FPSO market. Some of its activities to date include:

    • Separation modules
    • Produced water treatment & recycle modules
    • Re-Injection modules
    • Chemical injection modules
    • Power generation modules
    • Flare KO drums modules
    • Glycol regeneration and fuel gas
    • Treatment modules
    • E-House modules
    • Laydown modules
    • Water injection modules

  3. Process Packages
  4. The Batam facility has the overall size and engineering capability to carry out very large vessel fabrication and packaging. The yard has vast experience in design engineering and fabricating production and process packages for offshore and onshore installations including the following:

    • Glycol dehydration and regeneration packages
    • Separators - vertical and horizontal
    • Fuel gas heaters
    • Blowcases
    • Flare knock out drums
    • FWKO's (free water knock outs)
    • Slug catchers
    • Meter skids
    • Pump packages
    • Pressure vessels
    • Spooling (carbon and stainless steel)
    • Pipe modules and racks
    • Amine sweetening and regeneration packages

  5. E-Houses & Substations
  6. The Batam facility executes e-house and sub-station activities as per the pre-determined equipment layout given by large switch gear manufacturers such as ABB, Siemens, Schneider and Emerson for remote instrument rooms. This yard specialises in the full range of e-house construction activities right from basic engineering design up to procurement and construction. These encompass light fixtures, power points, small distribution panels, fire and gas systems, fire suppression systems, HVAC systems, door security systems, inter-panel cable works, cable ladders for field cable integration with client-supplied panels, and other systems as required by clients.

    The Batam yard also specialises in modular sub-stations for both the long and ultra-long categories. This enables clients to leverage on various transportation methods and execute jobs at their preferred field development sites. Wasco Engineering also has core competencies with respect to any type of e-house or sub-station suitable for Zone1, Zone 2 and Safe areas of operation with the design capability to meet any seismic requirements for onshore field development.

Business We Do

Wasco Engineering's Dubai facility operates out of the Oilfields Supply Centre in the Jebel Ali Free Zone in Dubai, The United Arab Emirates. A leader in the oil and gas and petrochemical industries in this part of the world since 1999, Wasco Engineering Dubai offers process engineering, design and procurement capabilities as well as aftermarket services and full contract services on fleet compression packages. The Dubai fabrication facility is capable of packaging up to 7500 BHP reciprocating and screw compressors. Its strategic location enables it to provide ample support to producing fields in the Middle East, North Africa and CIS.

Gas Compression Packaging

Wasco's engineering services offering includes:

  1. Project management
  2. Front-end engineering design and process development
  3. Full supply chain management (SCM) capabilities
  4. Supply of manufactured and fabricated equipment
  5. Assembly and testing
  6. Start-up and commissioning services

Wasco's fully trained field service engineers will safely commission and start up all equipment. The teams will also ensure that all the special OEM tooling required for the start-up process is seamless and trouble free.

Compression Rental Fleet

Often clients want the option of renting compression equipment rather than owning this outright. As such, the Dubai facility offers clients the flexibility of optimising their equipment as their conditions change, as well as maximising their throughput. The facility's fleet of compression equipment (ranging from 400 to 2000 BHP) is available on a rental or rent-with-purchase-option basis. By renting over the life of a project, businesses can optimise their production and operating costs and fully utilise capital for drilling programmes instead of equipment.

Wasco's team of in-house engineers can determine what equipment is required to meet the performance needs of client applications, plus they offer optimisation services and engineering technical support – from performance runs to troubleshooting. On top of this, the offer of 24/7 response and an extensive critical parts inventory go a long way in helping minimise client downtime.

Full O&M Capabilities (including aftermarket services)

Wasco's O&M service engineers undertake various levels of on-site and regular service visit support. This support encompasses manpower for scheduled maintenance; low-level service for planned maintenance and overhauls; and high-level service including unscheduled maintenance and full O&M services. Our highly trained field service engineers are more than capable of meeting clients' planned maintenance or field overhaul needs. We offer machine availability guarantees and aftermarket services as well as ensure only original OEM spares are supplied under our contracts.

Spare parts support (inventory) and warranty services on new equipment

Wasco also provides comprehensive aftermarket product support. Once clients take delivery of equipment, we can look after any of their needs from preventive maintenance, parts support and equipment overhauls to optimising engine/compression package efficiency, engine controls programming and full product line support. We provide factory-authorised services, maintenance and warranty coverage fulfilment which are all performed by trained technicians.

Wasco's field service engineers are available 24/7 for all customer service requirements. Whether the service is as simple as an oil or filter change or as complicated as a head swing or major overhaul, Wasco is sure to have clients' production equipment up and running as quickly as possible. With Wasco, one call does it all since our service engineers are trained on both the driver side of the compression package as well as the compressor frame side.