Business We Do

We are an approved Ariel Corporation distributor and Waukesha Packager under GE Energy's Gas Engines business. These relationships provide the company the mandate to design engineering compression solutions that can be customised to address specific and unique situations. Through these relationships, we have ready access to OEM spare parts which allows it to provide effective aftermarket services in the energy sector in the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

Ariel Compressors

When it comes to compressors, the Ariel compressor line of products serves as the global benchmark for performance and reliability given Ariel Corporation's dedication to quality and integrity. We have been involved in distributing Ariel reciprocating compressors products and services in the region for over 17 years and has been an Ariel Approved Distributor of Ariel Corporation since 2006. The Ariel compressor is incorporated in our design and build compressor packages.

GE Gas Engines

We have been supporting GE Energy's gas engine products and services in the region for over 17 years. Forming part of our compressor package designs, the GE gas engine driver features:

  • Long service intervals, a maintenance-friendly engine design and low fuel consumption
  • Prolonged life of all engine components, even when using polluted fuel gases such as landfill gas
  • Good operational safety and availability with control and monitoring systems
  • A broad range of commercial, industrial and municipal uses
  • Optimised control, monitoring and information management systems, specifically designed for GE's gas engines
  • A patented, lean mixture combustion control to minimise exhaust gas emissions while maintaining stable engine operation