Wasco Energy is a leading integrated energy group that operates in the global market. Headquartered in Malaysia with a robust network of operations in 15 international locations, our operations are run by top notch, multi-cultural teams of passionate, energetic and knowledgeable employees who are well equipped deliver reliable and competitive products, services and solutions to oil and gas players the world over.

Come Share Our Passion and Energy

Wasco is always on the lookout for passionate, energetic and talented individuals who are ready to help us shape the future of the energy sector. If you're looking to join a multinational team that's dynamic, enterprising and committed to innovation in one of the most dynamic industries on the planet, we're in a position to help you make your mark. Come join a team of trailblazers who are ready to give of their best.

On our part, we offer our talented employees rewarding careers, a diverse range of roles, competitive remuneration packages with attractive benefits, holistic training and development opportunities, as well as room to grow. Wasco is also committed to creating effective, conducive and empowering workplace best practices so that our employees can be the best they can be.

What We Stand For

Wasco is committed to playing a leadership role in the markets we operate in by ensuring robust performance as well as the delivery of innovative, world-class services and products. At the same time, we are keen to lead by example in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

We believe in conducting our business in an ethical and sustainable manner that benefits all stakeholders, safeguards our reputation and impacts positively upon society. By inculcating a spirit of excellence in all that we undertake and by maintaining an esprit de corps at all levels of our organisation, we believe we still stand out as a model for responsible corporate behaviour.

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