About Us

Corporate Profile

Wasco Energy is a leading integrated energy group that operates in the global market. Headquartered in Malaysia and supported by a robust network of operations in 15 international locations, we provide reliable and competitive products, services and solutions to oil and gas players the world over.

Wasco Energy has built an enviable track record of delivering major energy projects across key markets and today we continue to extend our footprint via distinct product and service offerings in these areas:

Our parent company, Wah Seong Corporation Berhad (Wah Seong), a Malaysian public listed entity, has over the last two decades transformed itself from a medium-sized Malaysian enterprise, into an international oil and gas and industrial services conglomerate. Propelled by the dynamic pace of the energy sector and rising demand, Wah Seong today continues to grow from strength to strength to effectively meet the needs of both the oil and gas as well as non-oil and gas sectors. Recognising the need to balance out its economic ambitions with its societal and environmental obligations, Wah Seong is committed to achieving success in a manner whereby its economic ambitions are balanced out with its societal and environmental obligations.