Our Approach to Business

Our Approach to Business

Wasco Energy is committed to playing a leadership role in the markets we operate in by ensuring robust financial and operational performance as well as the delivery of innovative, world-class services and products. At the same time, we are keen to lead by example in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainable development.

We have an obligation to our many stakeholders to grow our businesses in a profitable and ethical manner, while creating safe, healthy and progressive communities as well as a cleaner environment. To this end, we are committed to balancing out our economic ambitions with societal and environmental obligations, so that we will prosper in a holistic manner and make a positive impact on Profits, People and Planet.

Consistent with these beliefs, we commit to meeting the following sustainability priorities throughout the length and breadth of our organisation:


To comply with, and exceed where practicable, all relevant legislation, regulations and codes of corporate conduct and practice.

Economic Responsibility

To ensure our organisation and our shareholders garner long-term and mutually beneficial economic value from our business operations.

Environmental Stewardship

To constantly measure and efficiently manage our environmental footprint in every aspect of our operations.

Health and

To ensure our work does not compromise stakeholder health or safety and to explore opportunities to promote and continuously improve the safety and health of our employees, contractors, and the communities we operate in.


To ensure improvements are continuously made to our operations and our supply chain in line with the highest global standards of efficiency.


To create effective, conducive and empowering workplace best practices so that our employees can be the best they can be.


To strengthen relationships with all stakeholders to ensure the sustainable development of our business, employees, communities, business partners and customers while strengthening shareholder value.

Product and Service Innovation

To continually create new products, services, and processes that elevate the customer service experience, enable us to keep our competitive standing, and help shape our market segments.

Advocacy and Social Responsibility

To ensure we contribute in a positive and tangible manner to the markets that we serve by aligning with national and global development goals and principles.

As we go about conducting our business, we will do so in an ethical and sustainable manner that benefits all stakeholders, safeguards our reputation and impacts positively upon society. By inculcating a spirit of excellence in all that we set our hands to and by maintaining an esprit de corps at levels of our organisation, we believe we still stand out as a model for responsible corporate behaviour.